Erol (psychoticracer) wrote,

[71.00 | Video | Locked to Razer/Unhackable]

Oh, Ra-zer~

[There might as well be a "dear" trailing after that. Erol leans back, idly tossing a sharpened knife to himself. The balance on standard cutlery is horrible, but he's handled them so much for so long that it doesn't throw him off.]

I'm going to teach the crocadog a little lesson in a couple days.

I would be terribly remiss if I didn't invite you along for the show...

Perhaps more than just a show, if he's going to be as stupid as I think he is.

Care to come?

[Them's bedroom eyes.]
Tags: !razer, erol found the knives, fightfightfight, fun and games, get the thorazine, hardly know where to start, hunting small helpless things, idle hands blah blah, incoming drama, my "better" half, there goes the neighborhood, ttly not up to anything
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