Erol (psychoticracer) wrote,

[73.00 | Video | Backdated to the 18th]

[The feed cuts in on Erol chuckling to someone offscreen, relaxed. Sounds as though they were in the middle of banter. Or flirting.

He seems to be sprawled out on someone's bed; there's not much visible beyond the lay of his head and arms, though it's clear from the shadows he's not alone. There's a scratch on one shoulder cutting through the edge of a tattoo, and a wicked bruise on his forearm that's nearly as dark as his ink, but otherwise, he doesn't appear to have any damage.

Difficult to tell if he's wearing anything. There are blankets involved.]

Hmmm, I love a good party~

Do let's make a habit of it. Shall we, ladies and gentlemen~?

[Locked to Lily // 100%]

Lily. Do you, hm, remember those bone knives?

You know. The ones Even made.
Tags: !lily, but why is the even gone, fun and games, getting away with it is his specialty, razer om nom, shades of kyeria, want ma knife back, y'all been played
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