Erol (psychoticracer) wrote,

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Is - ...

[That pause is longer than it should be for someone usually so easy with his words and public face.]


[And that had the edge of real emotion to it, the edges raw with honesty. Erol's never lost anyone he cared about - until now, he hadn't cared about anyone that could be lost.

This is not going to go down well. His voice is monotone, clipped and professional when he continues.]


Kage... Arbiter, Azula. Lily. Be at Camp Carnival in 10 for back-up or don't bother.

Everyone else stay out of my way.

[Locked to Kage // Unhackable]

I want access to his room.

[OOC: The inevitable Carnival run isn't closed to the people he named, of course. Other people can show up to lend support. Or, you know, have him stab you. Or... That's cool.]
Tags: !kage, adrenaline plz, bad things happen if u dont, but why is the razer gone, carnival, fuck you redd, get the thorazine, there goes the neighborhood
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