[76.00 | Audio]

[Of all the people - of ALL the people - to be the first one in two years after Erol to rape someone, it was Jinx. This lifts his mood considerably, if temporarily. He's spent long enough hiding how much Razer's disappearance wounded him; now it's time to hurt someone else.]

I would say it's always whom you least expect, but, well. There is me.

Jinx, it appears we got off on the wrong foot. I think we have something in common~

[Yeah, he went there.]
Lil' worried

[75.00 | Audio]

Is - ...

[That pause is longer than it should be for someone usually so easy with his words and public face.]


[And that had the edge of real emotion to it, the edges raw with honesty. Erol's never lost anyone he cared about - until now, he hadn't cared about anyone that could be lost.

This is not going to go down well. His voice is monotone, clipped and professional when he continues.]


Kage... Arbiter, Azula. Lily. Be at Camp Carnival in 10 for back-up or don't bother.

Everyone else stay out of my way.

[Locked to Kage // Unhackable]

I want access to his room.

[OOC: The inevitable Carnival run isn't closed to the people he named, of course. Other people can show up to lend support. Or, you know, have him stab you. Or... That's cool.]

[73.00 | Video | Backdated to the 18th]

[The feed cuts in on Erol chuckling to someone offscreen, relaxed. Sounds as though they were in the middle of banter. Or flirting.

He seems to be sprawled out on someone's bed; there's not much visible beyond the lay of his head and arms, though it's clear from the shadows he's not alone. There's a scratch on one shoulder cutting through the edge of a tattoo, and a wicked bruise on his forearm that's nearly as dark as his ink, but otherwise, he doesn't appear to have any damage.

Difficult to tell if he's wearing anything. There are blankets involved.]

Hmmm, I love a good party~

Do let's make a habit of it. Shall we, ladies and gentlemen~?

[Locked to Lily // 100%]

Lily. Do you, hm, remember those bone knives?

You know. The ones Even made.

[72.00 | Audio]

Quick question for you, Major.

[The post is not locked, because clearly, he doesn't anticipate the conversation being sensitive enough to warrant information security.

Also, he intends on making a point for anyone who might be paying undue attention to him, and Precursors know if any of them can hack, even if he doesn't use Frenzy's codec.]

[71.00 | Video | Locked to Razer/Unhackable]

Oh, Ra-zer~

[There might as well be a "dear" trailing after that. Erol leans back, idly tossing a sharpened knife to himself. The balance on standard cutlery is horrible, but he's handled them so much for so long that it doesn't throw him off.]

I'm going to teach the crocadog a little lesson in a couple days.

I would be terribly remiss if I didn't invite you along for the show...

Perhaps more than just a show, if he's going to be as stupid as I think he is.

Care to come?

[Them's bedroom eyes.]
Srs talking


This is intolerable.

[Crunch, snap. It sounds like perhaps Erol is ripping into tree bark. In actuality, he's casually dismembering a lobster, because they're the only things he can hurt.]

I think I would rather be onboard. Life support be damned.

[Seriously. He's not been able to race since you people let Jennifer out, and now he can't even FIGHT anyone?

Fuck this shit.]